Two shrooms locked up fucked up baby boom
Congrats to me! I’m engaged to be
In love with a bad, bad man
Is it God’s plan to be a mother of three
Aged eighteen, or do you think the schools should
Do more to teach about protection
And who to vote for in the election
Instead of fearing the next inspection?
You were an accident but we’ll keep it a secret
As long as your dad deletes his internet history
I saw the headlines in the Llanelli Star
They found Jamie’s body
Floating down the docks
And our friends at the top of multi-storey car parks
Dyfed Powys Police were useless
It’s fine though: there’s fancy new railings at least
It won’t make a difference to the use of
Strong ropes little razorblades
Like the ones found in pencil sharpeners
We all said we’d see you later
I remember you asking
What’s the difference between crocodiles
And alligators
We laughed all night like our hearts might break
Don’t you know your man’s a baiter
Has he got nothing better to do than be
A classic keyboard warrior
Master masturbator
He can’t control himself,
Why does he control your body so?
Do you let him call you his
Abhorrent aborter
Are you going to abort her
Before she becomes a liar
Like her mother?
Has anyone seen my brother?
He hasn’t been home for three days
Meanwhile I’m single and ready to mingle!
Looking for a lover
Someone to smother me
Pour another and bin it
Done it
Love it
Living it
Got no money to live with
To pay the bills with
Who are your friends if you got no one to drink with
Bottoms up and down with
Self-professed deities
Anyone who’s ever lied to me
I’m no stranger to the sea,
But i’m glad to be moved away from Llanelli
Even if my last words were
Mae hiraeth arna amdanot ti


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