We Come In Pieces


Your childhood was taken
By the one who gave you it
Merry in his mania did he
Skip naked down the street
With a shovel across the shoulder
His shotgun under his arm
It took one moment for him
To show you how much he loved you
In that familiar darkness, in that cold denial
You will love him forever now.


No one should have to feel
Someone’s breath on their neck
Against their will
You have lived it, and the memory
Haunts you
Like a bad smell, like
Trauma, like
A nightmare
Every time he sits behind you
Every time you see him
At the supermarket
It burns your tongue,
Doesn’t it?
Every attempt to forget
What he whispered in your ear
Every time you try to
Drown him out
We’ll join you
We don’t have to talk
Don’t let go of who you are
Or allow yourself to be pressured
Into silence.


You were in the back of the car
When it crashed that night
You didn’t know who was driving
The glass missed your eyes
By inches, you wish it hadn’t
And now you’re alone again.
In a hospital bed, and broken
Thoughts rushing your head
As the blood collects
In pools on your skin
And now you’re alone


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