Man VS The Great Blue Screen

I’ve been told I must be a part of the real world so I went and experienced it all I found were ghosts twitching curtains cars on auto pilot children with burned out pupils and trigger-happy fingers, mum and dad are paid to hate and they do it so well it puts food on the table

I’ve been told I need to grow up so i can be like them be with them be “apart of our real world!” they cry like rabid dogs with froth in the corners of mouths that spit daggers that accuse my will to live, and freedom of mind they trap my soul with hypothetical bills to pay and mouths to feed

I’ve been told to be a man like there is a precise definition of what it means to be a man, by puffing out hollow chests and disrespecting women on streets with catcalls and shouts and predatory advances are a game of cat and mouse

I’ve been told I have to get a job so I can afford the things I am told I need and want to signify my status as a straight white male contributing to society by keeping his mouth shut and his back straight in a nine to five shirt&tie – the straightjacket of the common man

I’ve been told to go outside but I don’t live through ready meals and television waiting for good things to come to me on dinner trays and revolution to happen like it’s expected like a MTV special like it’s Viva La TV!

I’ve been told I am nothing by people who are everything to no one apart from themselves and take pride in their insignificance in their work place  as they collect the debts of those they love they do it constantly to feel alive

I’ve been told I know nothing like what I say doesn’t make sense or it upsets the capitalist patriarchy that determines everything from the air we breathe to the way we express our freedoms because it is easier to have a scapegoat than to think for yourself

I’ve been told to get real, am I real enough?

I’ve been told I need to feel something. Well, this is it.


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