Head In The Oven

My friends would sell themselves out
For a set of new wings
Or at least
Some new strings
To tune their guitars to the
Feeling of fresh scars
And they’ll write songs about
Unnatural disasters and
People they adore
From the covers of books
Who have seen things we can
Only dream of
Because we don’t have the money to get there
And boys in bands who
Paint their faces in make up and
Actually give a fuck
We’re all just looking for noise
That masks our insensibilities
And the ringing in our ears
Barely scratching at the surface of
I believed you were beautiful
Until the drugs made you weird
Your eyes got glazed and your smiles were wiped
Clean, a sickening sobriety
Built upon exhaustion
The boredom of things we once longed for
I thought to myself
I don’t wanna be a part of this
This is a path I can’t follow because
I don’t want to worry about
Who is going to make it to
The age of forty
But you know,
You know I’ll be waiting
For you
At the other side of this hole
I just can’t be the one to pull you out.


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